High Quality Fonts

Let us first introduce some basics about fonts. A character (glyph) outline consists of one or more contours. Contours use straight line segments and Bezier curves. This allows you to use your fonts at any size or resolution without loss of quality.

Fonts Generated by YourFonts

YourFonts uses the most advanced raster to vector conversion algorithm to convert your uploaded template page(s) into a high quality and fully scalable font.

Here is a small letter "a" of a font that has been generated by YourFonts:

Generated by YourFonts

On the left you see the original source. In the middle you can see how YourFonts converted the raster image to a vector based character. The inner contour has 15 points, and the outer contour has 29 points. On the right you see how the "a" looks like when you use the fully scalable font.

The sophisticated tracing method used by YourFonts is able to attain a perfect fit to the original image.

Alternative Font Generators

Generated by other font generator

The inner contour has 63 points, and the outer contour has 139 points. Both contours use only straight lines and no curves.

At small point sizes the poor quality is not obvious, but at larger sizes they are unusable. Since printers have a much higher resolution that monitors, you will even be able to notice the difference in quality at small sizes.

Character Sets

YourFonts is the only font service that allows users to generate fonts with extended character sets of over 200 characters. Fonts generated by YourFonts are suitable not only for English, but also for French, German, Spanish, and many other languages.

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We hope this explains why we are convinced that YourFonts generates the highest quality and most versatile fonts. Be sure to contact us in case you have questions. Enjoy your fonts!