Current step in font generation process Upload Template

The font name will appear as the font name in all applications, so make sure you give your font an appropriate name. Optionally provide copyright information, that will be embedded into your font.

Next click the Browse button and select the completed template. Then click on the Upload button.

Font Name:
Enter between 2 and 30 characters. Avoid special characters (e.g. ' & * ).
Font Copyright:
This field is optional and can contain up to 60 characters.
Template Page 1 *: file size must not exceed 25MB
Template Page 2 *: This page allows you to upload a single page template and generates a basic font. If you want to add additional characters, please click here.

* Only template files with the extensions .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .tif, and .tiff are allowed.